Aviation is important in the 9th district with manufacturing and airports and I will work to help improve it.

Military aviation has made great progress in weapon systems.  We have air superiority in any current conflict.

The space program is a great success going to the moon.  But then we retreated to earth orbit.  The International Space Station serviced by the Space Shuttle are magnificent but to what purpose.  Now we have grounded the Shuttle and are dependent on the Russians to service the Space Station.  We need some better vision.

Commercial aviation has had basically no progress in 50 years since we reached the sound barrier.  We were going to produce supersonic airplanes until environmentalists stopped it with false scientific theories.  We could build this aircraft now if politicians would allow it.  This will be one of my objectives in congress.

General aviation is doing well with corporate and private jets.  But supersonic flight is banned by politicians.

Private aviation is in bad shape with almost no production, high fuel prices and high maintenance and parts costs.  This is one of the few countries that you can fly your own airplane for now.  Lower fuel cost and legal reforms can help.

9 thoughts on “Aviation

  1. Our Manned space flight program has stepped back since the end of the Shuttle . What are we doing to develop the next manned vehicle
    Closing the manned program with the shuttle took more then 8000 direct jobs. Products and communities suffered locally. What programs are you supporting at NASA to return to manned flight program ?

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  5. I was would be interested in your claiming experience of being presedent of Western Airlines since Western was bought by Delta in 1986.
    And does this include the failed attempt to restart flights form Bellingham in which I had a reservation later cancelled due to flights being discontinued.
    Regardless, best wishes in you election bid. Ken

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