Our economy runs on oil, natural gas, and coal.  Whenever the price goes up our economy slows and jobs are lost.  Oil is not just gasoline.  It is roofing, roads, drugs, plastics, and even food.  We have large amouts of all these energy sources.  Our surface oil is almost gone but we have learned how to go deep and can become the worlds greatest oil and gas producer.  We may never run out.

Our oil companies have very clean production.  Much cleaner than foreign sources.  If we consider the environment we should produce and refine our oil here in the USA.

Alternative energy sources may have environmental advantages but are more expensive than fossile fuels and usually have to be subsidized which leads  to higher prices for ground and air transportation.  They also are not as dense so they are inferior in distribution, storage and replenishment.   Nuclear fusion is the ultimate energy source and will revolutionize our planet when controlled.

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