We are all environmentalists as we all live on the same planet and breath the same air.  However the environmental danger from CO2 is greatly exagerated and if true we humans would be dangerous to the air as we produce most of the CO2 in the atmosphere.  We should have learned in high school that animals use O2 and expell CO2 and plants use CO2 and expell O2.  A natural balance.  Sorry but I do not think that I am contaminating the planet.  I was a simulation engineer and I do not trust the models used by the environmentalists.  They were discredited when some of their emails were made public talking about how they fudged the data to get the desired results.  These are many of the same neo-luddites (note 1) that claimed the supersonic transport would destroy the earth.  17,000 environmental scientists have signed a petition saying that global warming is untrue.  Indeed we are now experiencing global cooling.  Note that the environmentalists now refer to it as “climate change” because they cannot refute the cooling trend.

note 1:  Luddites were a group in England during the 1880’s that wanted to stop the industrial revolution to keep jobs in the cottege industries of the day.

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