Illegal immigration is facilitated by government policies.  When I go to Canada they tell me that we are crazy to give free health care and education to illegals.  Now because of our bad economy, many illegals are returning to Mexico.  But they have a problem.  Their children born in America  may not have the proper ID to qualify for Mexican health care and education.  We are the only country that is so open to illegal immigration.

Our legal immigration system is preventing many qualified persons from coming the USA by a quota system.  This is a racist policy by the Immigation and Naturalization System.  I have confirmed this from employes of the INS that it is intentional.

Now mamy illegals who have been here for years are being granted immigrant status.  I believe that all persons worldwide should be able to apply for immigation on their qualifications without discrimination where ever they live.


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  1. I wanted to know, what you plan on doing about illegal immigrants? Do you believe in amnesty? Do you think that immigration reform should include not giving illegal immigrants access to healthcare, education, and all other benefits citizens and legal residents are privileged to?

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