This section is one of the most highly charged emotional issues and there is no one correct answer for all.  I will try to be moderate on this.

First of all I must say that I believe in complying with existing laws.

On abortion my religion and my moral conscience says that it is wrong.  Opinion is one thing but experience is more telling.  If you have had an abortion in your family, how did you feel about it afterwards?  Have you ever thought of what that child would have become if allowed to live?  At least the supreme court in Roe vs Wade said the fetus had rights after six months.  Most of the talk is about the rights of the mother.  What about the human rights of the fetus.

On partial birth abortion, why would anyone kill a child being born after carrying it to full term?  This is evil.  What will the abortionists come up with next.  After birth abortion?  Have the doctor and the mother approve the baby or recycle its parts?  More evil.

I am a family man and my Bible says that sexual deviation is a sin.  But again I must recognize the gains and the laws passed by persons who do not agree with me.  I am actually envious of the alternative sex movement for their political power.  How can such a small minority exert such a large effect on the majority?  I am not campaining on this issue.  In fact I have a large number of supporters in the LGBTQ community because they like my stand on personal liberty and freedom of the individual and I am not interfering with their life.  I attend their meetings and communicate with them.  Many of them are voting for me.  I find them to be mostly highly intelligent and responsive to rational discussion.

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