Politicians worry about “income distribution” between the upper class and the lower class.  The concept is flawed.  There is not a fixed amount of money to be “distributed” among classes.  This is a the Communist concept of “Exploitation of the Class Struggle”.  Our free market economy creates money without limit.  High taxes on the wealthy slows our economy and drives money out of the country and kills jobs.

Reasons for poverty are many; lack of education, discrimination, personal qualities, handicaps, government policies, etc.  The US has been a beacon attracting immigrants because it has high opportunity.

Government welfare provides a safety net for low income people and persons with variable income.  But it is easy to become dependant on this welfare if it provides the basic necessities especially in a difficult job market like we have today.  The number of people accepting welfare and not working is alarming.  Some politicians encourage this thinking that the welfare persons will vote for them.  Recently there has been a reference to this as the “47%” and ignoring them.  I care about the 47% and poor people and I will work to help them.  We need more than middle class jobs.  We need a better life for lower income persons.  Being on welfare is not a great life.  We can do better.

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  2. The poor are hurting because of the high cost of basic necessities like gas and food. My programs will lower costs and help low income people have a better life. Being on welfare is not a good life.

  3. I was looking to find answers on this specific topic as well as your Blog came up initial on Google research but I cannot locate something on this webpage that’s even somewhat related to what I require

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  4. Mr. Postma,

    I have more of an comment then a question. I feel that a reform should be in place for the programs that we already have in place, like for instance reform housing just recently it was publicize how people was taking advantage of the housing programs people are on the (section 8 ) longer than others instead of the two-year allotted. Where as the ones who need this program are not getting there fair shot to getting placed into housing.
    I am quite sure you are aware of this issue if you are saying the economy need to move forward how about programs That was cut due to budget did not have the funds to help struggling programs . Mr.Postma I am talking bout the mentally Ill there are more mentally ill persons who are living in poverty and suffering from either over medication or just no where to stay . I find that the programs that are in place that are receiving funds or grants are not being supervise by State or Federal they are just given the funds to upkeep their facilities not the persons that seeks the program to help them move forward wither its in the hospital or to a residential living i am speaking for the mentally ill.have you ever been to a facility where the mentally ill stay not just on the street but , to the shelters like in Seattle? I think we all know the answer to the question. but the majority of theses programs don’t help at (ALL). I just want you to see some example of why Poverty is an issue .bad programs that were in place lacking of funds to help improve economy such as housing, social security, ect.

    I just want you to know that 47% percent that people have been saying so loosely are people like me and other who struggle to make due with skills that they have to survive in society.I don’t rely on Government fund but had in the past .for it also need to be reform let me give you some statistic over 75% of the people that is on welfare are drug user and using money to either support bad habits where as 25% are trying to do the best they can with living see here is an example of GAU program it has been reform so many times that it doesn’t make sense anymore.To where they have people having to get lawyers to help them get assistance through the programs.So I ask you what are you going to do to fix these programs in Washington State? What difference would you make to reform of these issues in Washington? This is a growing problems that will continue to exist if we as a society start looking at the real issue and deal with them instead of sweeping it under the rug. lets create a better society and fix the economy.

    Thank you

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