I was born a Christian and remain a Christian.  Most persons from Europe have this background.  I respect most other religions if they respect my religion and obey our laws.

The Muslim world views us as a Christian nation.  Radical Muslims are fighting us on religious grounds.  If they cannot obey our laws in our country they should leave.  Shria Law is not compatible with US laws.  I got a survey from CAIR-WA that wanted to know if I would support Shria law in the US.

The Muslim population in this country is growing rapidly.  Some of this is radical.  A survey of Mosques shows that 61% are teaching theology that violates our way of life and our laws.

Muslims and Christians fought wars in Europe and Asia for hundreds of years.  Let’s not let that happen here.

The majority of Muslim nations are peaceful and tolerate other religions.  Countries that observe the more radical Shria Law include Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Afganistan.  This list is growing with the revolutions in Egypt, Libia, etc.  Our foreign policy is encouraging these revolutions and damaging our power and influence in the area.  This appears to be the current US policy if not causing it , tolerating it.

5 thoughts on “Religion

  1. I support your candidacy. I thought the incumbent committed Treason when he participated in the illegal ‘sit-in’ on the House floor.

    However, being born into a ‘Christian nation’ doesn’t make you a Christian automatically. You know that many in this nation are definitely followers of Christ.

    If you acknowledge we’ve all committed sins, and believe that only Jesus (who never sinned) is the Son of God who took the punishment for what we’ve done against God’s Commandments, and that He rose from the dead, as we will if we acknowledge Jesus. THEN you can consider yourself a Christian.

    Also, know that military veterans are the best, my favorite people.

    Good luck in your campaign. You’re welcome to put a sign in my yard even.


  2. You say, “I was born a Christian”, but Jesus said “You must be born again.”

    Turn from sin and trust the Savior!

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